General Info

The Gilmary Center is the sister property of Youthtowne. It is located in Moon Township, and is a short five minute drive from Youthtowne.  This is a full service retreat center catering to groups large and small.  Check out their web site for a full description with pictures.

Youthtowne’s Mission
Youthtowne carries out its vision by providing a place, which naturally aids the young person in the discovery of faith.

Youthtowne endeavors to inspire adults in the import work of youth ministry. We believe that one of the most effective ways to help young people is through contact with a faith filled role model. And so it is our plan that Youthtowne will always be represented by people of sincere faith who exemplify an outward disposition of love, charity and service.

Youthowne’s Vision

Youthtowne is a catalyst that inspires and motivates youth to seek God and Jesus Christ in their lives. We believe that true fulfillment and happiness can only be discovered in a personal committment to Jesus Christ. We recognize the immense potential for goodness in young people and we aim to help them pursue that which is already a natural inclination.

Jesus Christ walks beside each of us as a friend. We hope to help young people recognize that Friend who is so close to them, the One who will never abandon them and will lead them humbly to great achievments