Youthtowne believes that athletics properly understood can provide wonderful opportunities for youth to learn many life lessons.  The discipline of participating in a sport is itself a life lesson.  Added to this are the lessons we learn about good sportsmanship, practice, effort, discipline, patience, concentration, teamwork, and achievement.

Some of the most important lessons are centered on the value of learning how to win with humility, and to never put down an opponent.  Equally important is learning how to lose with dignity and to be strong enough to congratulate the opponent that defeated you.

Youthtowne has the following athletic facilities:


We have a Regulation High School Baseball complex.  Our complex includes a brand new press box, a state of the art mini-tron video board, a state of the art sound system, and a fully functional scoreboard complete with live pitch speed.  Integrated into the press box facility is a complete kitchen and concession stand, as well as men’s and women’s rest room facilities.  Our field is complete with a state of the art infield as well as a home run fence with a warning track.  Bleachers are provided for fans along each side of the field. 


Regulation Girl’s High School Softball/Little League Field.  Our softball field includes two team dugouts and a fully functional scoreboard with a programmable digital display and live pitch speed.  Bleachers are provided for fans along each side of the field. 


Our soccer complex offers four full-sized soccer fields, each are laid out on 400’ x 260’ spaces.  Each field is lined 120’ by 70’.  Two of the fields are fenced in.  One of our fields is lighted and includes a state of the art scoreboard.  Bleachers are provided for fans. 

Micro fields have been added for youth soccer.  We have a total of 9 fields for U6 and U8 soccer.  We have a total of four fields for U10 soccer.

Thousands of youth have been introduced to the game of soccer on our fields at Youthtowne.


Youthtowne takes advantage of our geography by laying out some of the most popular cross country courses in the area.  Young people report that they like the challenge and the scenery of our courses.  Adults report that they love being able to follow the race as the action unfolds and they can actually observe much of the race as runners progress around our grounds.  We have played host to championship races that have literally included thousands of young men and women. 


Youthtowne has two lakes which are plentiful with fish.  Many summer campers look forward to catching a fish during summer camp.  Our local Boy Scout and Cub Scout troupes enjoy fishing outings at Youthtowne.  Both spin-casting and fly fishing are enjoyed on our lakes which are stocked with large-mouthed bass, bluegill and catfish.

The upper lake has a newly installed fountain which is lighted at night.