Youthtowne is well-known for our scenic property located in Clinton, PA which is in Findlay Township, Allegheny County.  This property is home to the well-known Youthtowne Barn (pictured above), which has been the central facility for many youth events over the years.  The 120+ year old barn is a dowel pin construction building that has spent the early part of its long life as a dairy barn. 

Our property includes beautiful wide open and well maintained spaces.  We are also home to trails for hiking, nature exploration, and cross-country foot races.  We have two spring-fed lakes on the property which not only add beauty, but are also home to a healthy population of fish. 

Many young people think of Youthtowne when they recall catching their very first fish.  This water also welcomes a wide variety of birds including ducks and geese, blue herons, and even the occasional double crested cormorant, osprey, or loon. 

Youthtowne is home to a network of athletic fields including baseball, softball, soccer, football, rugby, as well as our cross-country running courses.  The fields are maintained throughout the year, hosting games from April until late October.

Church groups, youth groups, and school groups come to Youthtowne for days of reflection and retreat, hiking, fishing, outdoor recreation, hayrides, and campfires.  They also come for the wide variety of athletic opportunities provided by our beautiful athletic fields.  Experience is indeed a great teacher, and Youthtowne is pleased to be a giant classroom of experience where young people benefit by learning in so many different ways.  

. Please note: No pets are permitted on Youthtowne property